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Schedule Your Child for Their Pediatric Eye Exam with Us at Southwood Eyecare

Southwood Eyecare is participating in the Eye See Eye Learn program to help all the children in the area get their comprehensive pediatric eye exam to ensure they all have the start they need when they go to school. We serve Calgary with quality optometry services for patients of all ages, so come in soon for an eye exam. 

Schedule Your Child for Their Pediatric Eye Exam with Us at Southwood Eyecare

Why Does a Pediatric Eye Exam Matter?

Early childhood eye exams are important for a handful of reasons. For one, some eye problems can be reversed or halted if they are caught early enough. Degenerative eye diseases and lazy eye are both eye conditions that can be reversed relatively simply if caught early enough. However, if they are not, the sight lost might not be able to be regained.

Many students with undiagnosed vision problems believe themselves to be “slow learners” and have trouble reading, the child may not even realize they are seeing their world differently than their peers. Sometimes learning and behavior issues originate with undiagnosed vision problems. An early eye exam can rule out any problems and get your child on the best path for a great school career.  

A pediatric eye exam with our optometrist is a pain-free experience. If there is a needed procedure that may cause fear or discomfort, we will do our best to put your preschool child at ease and make the appointment as fun and laid-back as possible. After all, we want your child to be comfortable when they come back for their once yearly eye exams as they grow. 

What Is Eye See Eye Learn? 

Eye See Eye Learn is a program developed by the Alberta Association of Optometrists, in cooperation with participating optometrists, and created to encourage parents to book their child's first comprehensive eye exam before they start kindergarten or during that first year. If a child does end up needing glasses, they will receive one free pair of prescription glasses. This program is vital to help young children who may end up diagnosed with learning difficulties otherwise, due to undiagnosed vision issues. 

Contact Us to Schedule Your Child's First Eye Exam

Call us at Southwood Eyecare to schedule your child's eye exam soon. If there are any issues, we can help them start on the path to clear vision fast. We serve Calgary and the surrounding areas with quality pediatric eye care services. Call us today, (403) 253-8803. 

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