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Optomap Imaging from Our Calgary Optometrist

Some of the most alarming and destructive disorders affecting the eyes occur not on the outside where you might readily notice them, but within the eyeball, often doing significant damage long before you start to experience vision loss. A comprehensive eye exam that includes inspection of the eye's interior is a must. In the past, getting a good view of this area meant having to dilate your pupils. Today, however, you can get the detailed eye exam you need from our Calgary optometrist without that annoying step, thanks to a state-of-the-art technology called Optomap imaging.

A Critical Part of a Comprehensive Eye Exam

Many of the structures that make normal vision possible are hidden deep within the eye. For instance, the cells of the macula and other parts of the retina line the back wall of the eye. The optic nerve, which transmits the retina's images to the brain, is also at the back of the eye, just below the macula. A network of blood vessels nourishes these tissues. All of these structures must be healthy if you want to keep seeing well, which makes retinal inspection an essential part of any comprehensive eye exam. Getting a good view, however, has traditionally been easier said than done. Simply looking through the pupil would only give our optometrist visual access to about 45 percent of the eye's interior. For many years, the only way to counter this obstacle was to administer eye drops that dilated the pupils. While this method does indeed give us a much wider view, it's also irritating to the eyes and causes extreme light sensitivity for several hours.

Our Eye Doctor Can View Your Retinas without Pupil Dilation

Optomap imaging does away with the need to have your pupils dilated. In this procedure, all you have to do is look through a viewfinder attached to a special digital camera. You'll experience one bright, brief flash of light as each eye is photographed. The result is a stunningly detailed panoramic image of the inside of the eye. The Optomap process can capture over 200 degrees of the eye's interior, showing the earliest stages of issues such as abnormal blood vessels, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and optic nerve damage. Because the images require no photographic development, our eye doctor can show you the digital scans immediately, discuss our findings with you, and then store the files for future reference.

Experience Optomap at Our Calgary Eye Care Clinic

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