Optical Products

Optical Products Our Calgary, CAN Optometrist Offers 

Our optometrist offers a variety of optical products to enhance your vision. For instance, you may visit our eye doctor for a prescription for eyeglasses, contact lenses, or even sunglasses. At Southwood EyeCare, serving Calgary, and the surrounding area, our eye specialist offers eye examinations followed by pairing you with the appropriate eyewear to correct the problem.

Optical Products Our Calgary, CAN Optometrist Offers


We begin our eye examination with a test to check your visual acuity. Based on the results of your eye care exam, our optometrist determines your prescription. Then, we allow you to choose from a variety of frames in different colors and shapes. Our eye specialist will help you decide on the ideal one for you. We also give you options for different lenses, such as transition lenses which change shades when you go into different levels of light. We fit you for the frames, so your eyeglasses fit you correctly.

Our office participates in the Eye See Eye Learn program. It encourages parents to schedule a comprehensive eye examination for their child. If your child needs glasses, they receive it at no cost to you because of donations made by Nikon Lens wear, OGI, and our optometrist. 

Contact Lenses  

Our optometry clinic also provides you with a variety of options for contacts in different types as well as prices. We offer daily, weekly, monthly, and overnight lenses. You may find top brands as well as more affordable generics. We even have hard to fit lenses. Those who have astigmatism may benefit from the selection of Toric lenses. 


It's a battle for those who wear glasses. They either wear their glasses to see, or they wear their sunglasses to block the sun. However, our optometry clinic offers a solution where you can protect your eyes from the sun while correcting your vision. You can choose prescription sunglasses that have a tinted coating. You can have them tinted up to 99 percent, which means they protect your eyes from 99 percent of the sun's harmful rays. We can match you with a pair of polarized lenses if you go skiing or participate in any other activity where you come in contact with glare. We have a wide array of designer frames to choose from as well, so you can find the perfect set of frames that fit your style.

Safety Glasses

Our eye doctor recommends patients keep their eyes safe by wearing safety glasses when doing yard work or any other activity where something could come in contact with your eye. This includes if you have a job that could damage your eyes. As part of our eye care services, we participate in the iSafe program, which allows us to give certain individuals an eye exam and complimentary safety glasses. 

Schedule an eye examination with Southwood EyeCare, serving Calgary, and the general vicinity, by calling (403) 253-8803!

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