Myopia Control

An Overview of Myopia Control from Southwood Eyecare

There are a number of common problems that children might develop when it comes to their eyesight. One of these is called myopia, or nearsightedness. Children who have this condition can see objects clearly up close; however, when objects move farther away, children have trouble focusing their eyes to see them clearly. The team from Southwood Eyecare is here to make sure that everyone in the Calgary area has access to an optometrist that can control this condition.


What is Myopia Control?

There have been a lot of changes in the world of pediatric eye care recently and some of these have involved the development of new treatment options. One of these is called myopia control. For those who haven’t heard this term before, it is used to describe a set of techniques that can help slow the progression of myopia, also called nearsightedness, in children. Myopia control measures are usually used by a trained eye doctor. These treatment measures can take several different forms. 

Common Forms of Myopia Control

There are several ways that myopia control might be used. The first measure is through something called atropine eye drops. These drops are used to dilate the pupil and limit the ability of the eye to change in response to focusing demands and light. Atropine can be effective in reducing the progression of myopia. This medicine must be dosed by a trained eye doctor.

Another common form of myopia control is called multifocal contacts. These contacts are used to ensure clear vision at all distances and are useful for people who have refractive errors, such as myopia. These contacts have been found to slow the progression of nearsightedness in children. They might help a child maintain a clear vision even after having been diagnosed with myopia. There are also similar multifocal glasses that work the same way.

Ortho-K can also help slow the progression of myopia. These are lenses that are used to reshape the cornea. These lenses are worn only when children are asleep at night. Then, children can see clearly during the day. Therefore, these lenses have proven effective in both slowing the progression of myopia and reducing the need for corrective lenses.

Trust the Team from Southwood Eyecare

These are only a few of the many measures that a trained eye doctor can take to help children who are suffering from myopia. It is important for parents to have access to a comprehensive eye care provider. Those who would like to learn more about these services should contact Southwood Eyecare in Calgary today. We would be honored to provide ocular care for your child as well. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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