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Millions of people require vision correction for refractive errors and other common eye issues, and many of those individuals choose glasses as a simple, stylish solution. Our Calgary eye care center, Southwood Eyecare, can help you make the same choice, with superb results. From our numerous lens and lens coatings options to our stunning range of designer frames, you can count on finding the perfect pair of glasses for your particular look, vision needs, and budget.


Different Lens Options for Different Vision Challenges

Although every pair of eyes is unique, many of them tend to suffer from the same basic types of vision disorders. Nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism are all quite common. Single-vision glasses use their entire lens to correct specific refractive errors. As you get older, however, you may need help seeing clearly at multiple distance ranges. Your optometrist will then recommend a pair of multifocal lenses for your glasses. In addition to regular bifocals or trifocals, we can offer progressive or "no-line" lenses that provide vision correction at multiple distances without those distracting lines.

Southwood Eyecare can craft your lenses in your material of choice. Glass is no longer recommended because it is heavy and can shatter dangerously, but we can fit you with affordable CR-39 plastic, shatter-resistant polycarbonate, or lightweight Trivex lenses. Your optometrist may also suggest add-on features such as anti-glare or anti-scratch coatings for your lenses. You can combine these features to give yourself exactly the kind of experience you want from your glasses.

Designer Frames and Professional Selection Advice

Top-quality lenses deserve top-quality frames, and Southwood Eyecare has you covered in this area as well. We stock designer frames from such sought-after designers as Staag Spectacles, Headlines, Nautica, GUESS, Vue, Geoffrey Beene, Hugo Boss, and many others. You'll find frames suitable for adults and children, making our Calgary clinic your family's all-inclusive headquarters for corrective eyewear.

Eyeglass frames are meant to serve as a fashionable accent to your overall look, and you can rely on our team to help you take full advantage of this benefit. We will suggest the right frame size and shape to complement your face, as well as the right design to help you make that playful, retro, classic, businesslike, or other visual statement.

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