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Looking for a dedicated team of eye care specialists in the Calgary area?  At Southwood Eyecare, we have all your needs covered, ranging from complete eye exams all the way to treatment for dry eye syndrome. Whatever service you should need, we are proud to be your preferred optometrist.

Eye Exams

When it comes to your eyes, preventative measures should be taken in case other actions need to be made. Did you know many times a vision problem doesn't have any visible symptoms? For this reason, it’s always advised to have your eyes checked by a licensed optometrist regularly. We offer exams for individuals of all ages because we understand the importance of eye care at every stage of life.

In addition to an eye exam, we will conduct a thorough vision exam. Our goal is to make sure you have the clearest vision possible at all times. Once the vision test is completed, we will make a recommendation for glasses or contact lenses, if needed.

Fittings for Content Lenses

Our team is dedicated to getting you set up with the contacts you need following your eye exam. The advancement in contact lenses over the years has made it possible for us to customize the color of your lenses depending on your preferences. However, fitting for contacts can sometimes be difficult with a patient that suffers from specific eye conditions. Our optometrist can discuss solutions with you if you've had a difficult time getting contact lenses. 

Pediatric Eye Exams

As mentioned earlier, we take eye care seriously in all stages of life. Many times, children who struggle in school are doing so because of undiagnosed eye issues. Just like adults, it's essential to have routine eye exams for preventative care. We make the process pain-free, and we can help fit your child with a pair of their favorite glasses.

Lasik Eye Care

We can carefully examine your eyes to determine if you are an eligible candidate for surgery. From there, you'll be referred to a LASIK center we are partnered with. Finally, you'll be carefully monitored for up to one year after your surgery to see how everything is going.

Complete Eye Care Specialists in Calgary

Southwood Eyecare is dedicated to exceeding your highest expectations in Calgary and the surrounding areas. For more information on any of the services we provide or to schedule an appointment, don't hesitate to contact our office today! Our number is 403-253-8803.

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