Eye Allergies and Infections

Eyes are delicate and they can be susceptible to allergies and infections far easier than you might imagine. With your optometrist and the right eye care, you can take control of eye allergies and get your eyes in better health. For those in the Southwest Calgary area, Southwood Eyecare is a great option to help care for your eyes and find the allergy solution that is going to work for you.


What Effects do Allergies and Infections have On Eyes?

Eyes are a very important part of your life. You need to make sure that they are in good health. Eye allergies can give you red eyes, it can cause itchy eyes, it can cause pain, it can cause blurred vision, and over time if not treated, it can cause damage to the eye. While eye allergies are not going to make you go blind, the scratching and the rubbing that most people do to remedy the itch can end up causing scratches on the cornea and can even damage the tissue around the eye.

With eye allergies, they can also lead to infection. The allergies themselves are not going to lead to the infection but the open cuts and wounds on the eyes can allow bacteria to enter the eye which can cause infection. Some eye infections can cause blindness if they are not cared for. Your optometrist can help you to determine what course of action is going to be best for your particular situation.

How to Treat Eye Allergies

Most eye allergy treatment is going to involve a regimen of either allergy eye drops or allergy medication that you take orally to help manage the symptoms of your allergies. Your optometrist can help you to get your eyes in check and can help get your eyes feeling great. Prolonged allergies can make your eyes puffy, it can make your eyes uncomfortable, it can blur your vision, and it can make you uncomfortable all around. It is always going to be best if you suspect that you have eye allergies that you go to the eye doctor to make sure it is not a more serious eye infection.

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Your eyes are delicate and they can become damaged very easily. Your optometrist is going to be able to come up with a course of treatment that is going to make caring for your eyes easier and safer and that is also going to help you be sure you are comfortable all year round. Eye infections and eye allergies are not something that anyone wants to deal with and with the right care, you can handle them easily and get back to living life.  

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