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The Need for Regular Eye Care

Vision is unquestionably the most vital sense needed when navigating through the modern world. This is why maintaining your vision through proper eye care is so important. Southwood Eyecare in Calgary can help adults and children maintain or improve their eyesight.

The Importance of Visiting an Optometrist

The eyes are among the most miraculous elements of the human body, but they can have their share of problems. Some of the less serious problems, such as nearsightedness and farsightedness, can usually be corrected with relative ease. Dr. Jalyn Johnson is one of our optometrists who can help when patients need corrective lenses for reading or viewing things at a distance. Specialty contacts are also available for those with specific needs. 

Ocular Disease Management  

Some vision problems are serious enough to require specialized eye care. Cataracts, which are more common in the elderly than the young, cause a clouding of the lens and will eventually reduce one's ability to see. Macular degeneration is also associated with the aging process and directly affects the retina, the portion of the eye that receives light. Glaucoma, which is a major factor in vision loss, is often caused by excessive pressure within the eye. Other vision problems include dry eye conditions resulting from insufficient lubrication, floaters that drift within the eyes, and even physical pain. Dr. Tran Nguyen is one of our optometrists who can help in diagnosing, treating, or even preventing certain vision problems and more. 

Children and Regular Eye Care 

Youngsters need good eyesight to allow them to do well in school, to participate in sports and other social activities, and to generally live a high-quality life. This is why children need to make regular visits to the eye doctor. Those with learning or social difficulties may be suffering from poor vision that may be easily corrected by glasses. Additionally, the vision of children can be affected by problems that are not usually experienced by adults. These problems may be as simple as myopia to complex issues ranging from eye misalignment to amblyopia, in which the eyes do not work together. Dr. Shmyla Chaudhery is an optometrist with experience in the area of pediatric eye care.  

Optometrist in Calgary 

Regular visits to an eye doctor can help detect and correct vision problems before they become serious. Whether you suspect a vision problem in yourself or a member of your family, or you are merely concerned about maintaining good eyesight, Southwood Eyecare in Calgary is ready to assist you. For more information on eye care or to schedule an appointment, call us at (403) 253-8803.

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